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NYRWA Important Vendor Registration Instructions

Here are some very important details for this year’s Annual Technical Training Workshop & Exhibition. This year we will continue with our new feature to the online booth registration process. You now have the option to purchase multiple booths at one time, so no more having several web browsers open at once or additional staff to help with the registration process to ensure you get booths together. The process of creating this was very lengthy and we appreciate your patience during this time.  At this time we are pleased to inform you that the online booth registrations will open Tuesday, January 24, 2017 at 10:00 a.m. (Eastern Time).

Here are some instructions on how to register.
Please be sure to have a credit card available before you begin your registration. We accept Visa, MasterCard and American Express. Please do not use spaces or dashes when entering your credit card number. You may also pay by echeck.

You will also need a brief description of your company’s services.

**Please Note: The registration process works best from a computer**

**Do Not click the back button at any point, or your registration will be lost and you will need to start over** 

Go to click the Annual Conference tab, Exhibitors, and then choose the appropriate link. If you are a member click the Already an Associate Member? Register for the Conference link and select your company name from the drop down box, verify your information then click Continue to Booth Selection Page.

Those who are non-members and would like to purchase a booth and become a member, click the Become an Associate Member and Register for Conference link. You will need to complete the required information, and then click Continue to Booth Selection Page.

Those who are non-members and would like to Register for Conference ONLY, No Associate Membership.  You will need to complete the required information then click Continue to Booth Selection Page.

This will bring you to the page where you select your booth(s).  You will be able to see what booths are available (green), pending (yellow) or reserved (red). Please choose your booth(s) carefully as your purchase is final.  

Click once on the booth(s) you wish to purchase (clicking twice deselects the booth), a blue screen will flash on the bottom of the page with your booth selection(s) and the Register button. Click the Register button in the lower right corner. Once you click Register those booths are held for maximum of 20 minutes, if you do not complete the process before 20 minutes is up, the booth becomes available again and you will need to start the process over.

You will get a pop up that says ”You are registering for Booth #’s  Be aware of your competitors location,” click the Ok button to proceed with your booth selections. You will need to have all booth attendee names and a description of services to add to the registration for each booth for our directory. Click Continue to Registration Review. Review the details and Select Payment Method (Credit Card or E-Check only), then click Continue to Payment Page. Enter payment details (do not add spaces or dashes to credit card payments), and then click Process Payment. Remember Do Not click the back button at any point. Once your payment is approved, be sure to print the page as a receipt.

Once a booth is purchased the booth location cannot be changed and the location is final. If a booth is cancelled before April 14, 2017 a refund will be granted minus a $150 service fee, per booth cancellation. A booth cannot be cancelled for the purpose of relocating to a new booth space. No Exceptions. There are NO refunds after April 14, 2017.

The layout is posted on our website for viewing only at this time.

Please be sure to share this information with the person who handles the registration process for your company.

We look forward to seeing you in May.